Email program for your Treo 600/650 includes FingerNav™ mode

SnapperMail supports your Treo's memory card with a full file browser for saving and attaching files and memory card archiving of messages to save your limited RAM memory and allowing unlimited mail storage.

SnapperMail integrates seamlessly with your Treo's built-in apps. Send files from within other apps, attach camera images and attach memory card files. It's also fully compatible with the Treo 600 5-way navigator for easy one-handed operation.

Two modes to choose from: StylusNav and FingerNav. In Finger Navigation mode all onscreen hotspots are enlarged to facilitate "finger touchability".

One Button Mail Fetch. Map your mail button to SnapperMail and trigger mail fetches with a touch of a button.



SnapperMail 2.4.2